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Sperimentazione Brave Dreams - Brave Dreams Clinical Trial

Start date 11-30-1999
End date 11-30-2021
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Donated amount €63,129.97

February 6th 2012, Emilia Romagna Region deliberated to allocate €2.742.404,63 to finance and cover all the costs of the research project named BRAVE DREAMS. On March 6th 2012, after to have gone through the Region's deliberation, CCSVI nella Sclerosi MUltipla ONLUS decided to stop its own fund raising for the abovesaid study. The fund raising started in January 2011 in agreement with Universitary Hospital of Ferrara.

Our Association beeing satisfied with the work carryed out and the results obtained, wishes to thanks sincerely all the givers that from every part of the world showed to believe in BRAVE DREAMS research project. Also our association desire to thanks heartily all the volunteers, the friends and the supporters that during this year decided enthusiastically and passionately to support, in different ways and through us, the brave dreams of all CCSVI and MS patients.

The 90% of the MS patients have neck and chest veins blocked; this depends on a congenital vascular condition called CCSVI. The dirty blood of CCSVI patients coming from the brain fatigues to arrive to the hearth due to venous obstacles and different constrictions.  An easy surgical procedure of angioplasty (PTA) re-establishing the normal venous flow can block the MS progression and mitigate the symptoms. To definitively prove this clinical trials are needed.

“CCSVI nella Sclerosi Multipla – ONLUS”  has the target to raise funds for “BRAVE DREAMS” clinical trial.

BRAVE DREAMS (abbreviation of BRA.VE DR.E.A.M.S.), is for BRAin VEnous DRainage Exploited Against Multiple Sclerosis. It is the name of the clinical study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the intervention of unblocking the extra-cranial veins in patients with multiple sclerosis diagnosed with "Chronic Cerebro-Spinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI)”. The trial is sponsored by the University Hospital of Ferrara where Professor Paolo Zamboni is the principal researcher.

To learn more about the trial click here.


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63,129.97 Euro


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